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Curious About Femdoms?

 The term "femdom" is the common term that is short for female domination. Dominant females are the most common in the kink community. Many find accepting a submissive role to a dominant female quite stimulating. Femdoms satisfy the needs of many people to totally submit mind, body and soul to a dominant. There are many aspects of femdom encounters. Foot fetish, latex, leather humiliation and financial dominance are common. Many people who in their day to day lives have positions of power in business find the dominant/submissive kink a big turn on. Often called dominatrix, femdoms are popular in hetero and homosexual lifestyles. 

 In the BDSM community femdoms are active in many different kinks. Bondage is the activity most identified with the dominant female kink. Physical restraint enhances the experience and is usually where the BDSM session begins. Total power transfer, as dom/sub relationships are commonly referred involves many different activities. Of the most common are those that involve some sort of pain with all involving some kind of psychological stimulation. Spanking, CBT (cock and ball torture) squashing, and face sitting are some of the most popular pain inducing acts. Many sessions don't involve any physical contact at all. Of this type of encounter forced feminization, chastity and worship are very popular.  

 For the femdom herself there is immense pleasure obtained from having total control of another person. There are professional and amateur dommes. All femdoms demand unquestioned obedience from their submissives. They require subjects to totally worship them. The feeling of being the most powerful person to others makes for the perfect dom/sub relationship. Both parties enjoy the satisfaction of the encounters.  

Finding A Femdom

 If you're new to the kink community or a long time practitioner, locating a femdom today is quite easy. Online kink dating sites like The Femdom Pit offer the opportunity to meet dominant females no matter where you live. They allow you to discreetly meet a domme in your local area. You can chat with many femdoms and discuss what you desire, arrange a meet up and start a dom/sub relationship. You can have local sessions or if you prefer you can travel for your encounters. It's important to communicate what you want as well as what you don't want is very important. The boundaries must be established before meeting in person. Being explicit during conversations will ensure you of a most satisfying femdom experience!

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